Saturday on the bay and Sunday at the Monkey

Saturday morning’s mission was shopping. We started at the Hubbards Farmers’ Market,

which, luckily, was in a barn, as it drizzled all morning. We found just about everything you could want on a Saturday morning: coffee



and lots of other good things.

In fact, by the time we got out of there, stuff was starting to grow in the back seat.

That didn’t stop us from stopping at another garden place

where the organic compost machines were living a pretty good life

and the bird houses came in all kinds of shapes, sizes and flotation devices.

We had a stop at Chester

where we paid our respects at the Matlady’s Gift Shop

and admired her giant clematis

and then went on to Mahone Bay, where the Deli Market and Bake Shop is rather beautiful

and the fancy swing doors are weighted with bags of carrots!

At the Cheesecake Cafe there was lots of local art, including some nifty stained glass. 3 out of 5 diners at our table enjoyed their meals.

Our real and ultimate destination, however, was Frenchy’s, a Maritime institution where you join a host of other shoppers all armed with big plastic laundry tubs, and poke through bins of old (and not so old) clothing to find bargains, priced to sell, and where (a different) 3 out of 5 shoppers found stuff.

Sunday we went to the Wooden Monkey,

where the food is organic and local and the ambience laid back.

And then it was Monday, and time to say farewell to Nova Scotia.

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