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ASLE 6: my 2011 bibliography

Last time I attended ASLE I documented the most interesting (to me) books, articles and films that were discussed or even mentioned in various sessions I attended, so I thought I’d take a stab at it again this year to … Continue reading


ASLE 5: Mesocosm, animals and environmental law

ASLE plenary speakers were wide-ranging and various, and I didn’t always have my notebook handy. Una Chaudhuri and Helen Tiffin were the first I heard, on Wednesday. During Chaudhuri’s talk we watched Mesocosm playing out in the background (and heard … Continue reading

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ASLE 4: farmers market and Banerjee on global warming

The Bloomington Farmers Market played an unusual role in ASLE 2011. Not part of the official program, it was located near enough to the campus to lure a number of Saturday morning wanderers away from the last day’s sessions for … Continue reading

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ASLE 3: food

There were 15 thematic streams running through the conference (though no stream was water, ha ha) and of course my interests leaned most heavily on stream 6: Food production, food consumption, and waste. Which calls for some mention of foods … Continue reading

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ASLE 2: gardens

One of the features of ASLE conferences most beloved by attendees is the choice of activities slotted in to highlight the environmental features of the host region. My Friday afternoon pick was a tour of the Bloomington Community Orchard. The … Continue reading

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