A new poetry collection is coming up – to be published in May 2022 by Caitlin Press; full details of that will be posted soon! Meanwhile, contact me if you are interested in any of the books below where I may still have copies to sell.

Ex-ville_CoverRhona McAdam’s sixth collection of poems, Ex-ville, reflects upon what we leave behind: the people, places and journeys that shape our lives.

The poems, written between 2006 and 2013, have appeared in literary journals in Canada and the UK, and were anthologized in such works as Rocksalt: An Anthology of Contemporary BC Poetry, Force Field: 77 Women Poets of British Columbia and Untying The Apron: Daughters Remember Mothers of the 1950s.

Cover art: Cherie Westmoreland.

Ex-ville * Oolichan Books * November 2014  * ISBN 978-0-88982-306-8 * 80pp * Out of print: a few copies still available from the author.

Digging the City: An Urban Agriculture ManifestoDigging the City: An Urban Agriculture Manifesto is nonfiction, a compact hardcover format, one of Rocky Mountain Books’ Manifesto series. One early reviewer liked that it

“stands out from other attempts to solve environmental crises for being so engagingly written. It’s a quiet book, a book of sadness even through its anger, so it reads a little like a manual, a little like a memoir, and a little like testimony. It’s personal, in the end, for all its careful detail about global crises and about local crises from around the world, and I mean that as praise for how neatly McAdam manages in Digging the City to sound like she’s chatting with her reader, rather than lecturing.”

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Digging the City * Rocky Mountain Books * October 2012  * ISBN 978-1-927330-21-0   * 164 pp * Out of print: a few copies still available from the author.

The Earth’s Kitchen is a small (11 poem) chapbook of food poems, one of eight chapbooks that made up the 2011 Gesture series from Leaf Press. The poems address food and water in rants, recipe poems and food biographies. The poet brings to bear her considerable knowledge of food production and history in moods that range from wry to contemplative.

Contents: Cheese; Fish Sticks; Cutlet; Lake Lenore Whitefish; Dry Ribs; Bananas; Chicken Souvlaki; Fruit Cake; By the Glass; Roasting Vegetables; Caramelised Garlic & Squash Tart.

The Earth’s Kitchen * Leaf Press* April 2011 * ISBN 978-1-926655-25-3  * 28 pp * Out of print

Sunday Dinners is a small (8 poem) limited edition collection of food poems, produced in collaboration with Calgary artist Colleen Philippi. Each poem is presented in a different, whimsical format, paying visual tribute to the memories that might be found folded for safekeeping in a family cookbook.

Contents: Boston School of Cooking Cookbook; Coffee; Croutons; Gravy; Implements; Jello; Parma; Salad.

Sunday Dinners * JackPine Press * June 2010  * ISBN: 978-0-9865426-1-9  * (signed numbered/75) Out of print.

In Cartography, her fifth collection of poetry, Rhona McAdam weaves an imaginative passage through the territories of love, work, family and aging. The journeys she takes her readers on are odd, familiar and memorable: we travel with her through startling and sensuous reflections on love, office paperwork and corporate layoffs; teen murder, truck stops and dementia.

Cover art: Colleen Philippi

Cartography * Oolichan Books * March 2006  * ISBN 0-88982-221-2 * 80pp  * Out of print: a few copies still available from the author.

Crosswords brings together a half dozen favourite poems from past collections, covering the droll hilarity of soap operas, the tenderness of family cookbooks, and delicate takes on love and friendship. This letterpress collection was hand-set, printed and bound by Carole Wyse Peters.

Contents: Another Life to Live at the Edge of the Young & Restless Days of Our Lives; The Boston School of Cooking Cookbook; Crosswords; Brunch on the Hill; Thin Man.

Crosswords * Frog Hollow Press * 2003 * ISBN 0-9689907-9-7  * 10pp * $25.00 $20.00 (signed numbered/100) Out of print: a few copies still available from the author.

In Old Habits, McAdam’s poetry moves with grace and ease. Her images of everyday life are evocative and striking: rental houses wearily awaiting permanent residents; the awkwardness of long-distance lovers re-united; a treasured cookbook reduced to a lifetime of meals prepared and consumed. “Her cadences are regular, her language polished and trustworthy as old silver, her metaphors rich as aged port. These are beautiful, sad poems, well-wrought and solid as a pewter beer-mug.” (NeWest Review)

Cover art: Colleen Philippi

Old Habits * Slow Dancer Press & Thistledown Press * 1993  * ISBN 1895449081  * 64pp  * $10 Out of print: a few copies still available from the author.

In Creating the Country, “Rhona McAdam writes poems that are simultaneously delicate, lyrical, sharp-edged, and satiric. There is often something deadly serious and intensely engaging under what appears to be a light surface.” (Prairie Fire)

Cover art: Colleen Philippi

Creating the Country * Thistledown Press * 1989  * ISBN 0-920633-60-9  * 78pp  * Out of print.

Hour of the Pearl won the Alberta Poetry Award for 1987 and includes photographs by Edmonton photographer Djavid Mostame. “McAdam’s work is rich with textured ambiguity. She charts both the phenomena of the natural world and the subtle filigree of social relations with an unusual organic imagery that is laced with menace. There is an inescapable sense of sex to McAdam’s new collection. Not a feminine (or even feminist) quality, but a dark and powerful current of femaleness.” (Edmonton Journal)

Cover art: Djavid Mostame

Hour of the Pearl * Thistledown Press * April 1987 * ISBN-10: 0920633277 * 78 pages * $10 Out of print: a few copies still available from the author.


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