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Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy

And now, a musical interlude, from Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, because he will soon (March 22) be appearing in Saskatoon at the Broadway Theatre. We are not to be graced in Victoria, alas. I must have invoked him because I was … Continue reading

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Terroir in Saskatchewan

… or as they quipped during the Saturday night entertainment, that’s terroir as opposed to terre noire as opposed to terreur. It’s a term that began in the realm of winemaking, to describe the many elements that go into building … Continue reading

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Money for nothing and your CanLit for free

I recently fielded a request from Canadian Literature, where I had published (unpaid) a poem a few years ago. They have developed a fine archive featuring poetry they’ve published, together with virtual interviews and biographies. The laudable aim of this … Continue reading


Couple of local events, where I am and am not, and tribute to Yotam Ottolenghi

February 20-22: Terroir: Identity & Seduction; SaskatoonA conference about Terroir — in Saskatchewan. Why not? Some interesting speakers and entertainments planned, as the participants toss around ideas of sustainability, gastro-tourism, geographic indications (appelations), ecomuseums and rural development initiatives. I’m expecting … Continue reading

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Jammy thoughts

The other day, I was talking to Jim the gardener who had spent some years in France, and time in Spain, and inevitably therefore the conversation wandered into quince territory. I’d seen quince (mele cotogno) trees growing in Herculaneum. In … Continue reading