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Been such a long, long time…

…since I had a minute to blog, it really has. Which reminds me of one of my favourite songs:[youtube=] But back to reality, whoever has time for that. Tracking backwards, I was so so so so very lucky to join … Continue reading

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Plastic world

I got a monster killer migraine yesterday afternoon, which went some way to explaining why fate didn’t want me travelling this weekend. Before it hit, I did a bit of reading on the subject of plastic, which I wandered into … Continue reading


Still Cheeselessly in Parma

If you’re a believer in signs, when you read my tale you will perhaps understand why I gave up my attempts to get to Cheese this morning. First, the friend who was going to come with me had pulled out … Continue reading

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Pausing in Parma

So I’m back in Parma, bracing myself for an earrrrrly train tomorrow. I’m going to Bra, which is not so very far but an absolute pig to get to by train. Four hours or so. Oh well. The destination will, … Continue reading

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London tasties

A couple of good chows before I left London this week. First, tapas at the Salt Yard, where some very tasty grilled bread with alioli was followed by some other things: padron peppers, stuffed courgette flowers stuffed with ewe’s milk … Continue reading

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