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Pie night at the hacienda

A reminder that the Being At Work poetry competition closes today. They will accept emailed submissions – but if you do that don’t forget to send a donation to the Movement for Canadian Literacy in lieu of an entry form … Continue reading

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Crumbling allegiances to British food

I get raised eyebrows by the pair when I respond to the question “what do you miss about Britain?” with “the food”. But it’s true. Somehow, perhaps in an effort to stem the flood of immigrants, a myth has been … Continue reading


Raspberries and blueberries

A nice campus to visit is Virtual University. Cheap (US$20 for up to 4) classes and one useful freebie that’s already underway this week: How to Prevent Identity Theft and Online Fraud. They have courses in PaintShopPro for anyone that … Continue reading

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Is nothing safe?

Appalled to see that a salmonella outbreak in the UK was traced to Cadbury’s chocolate bars! But relieved to see that the source was not the chocolate but the crumb base. So purists can rest easy and carry on with … Continue reading

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Boris, Billy, Ted and a nice roast chicken

A little awkward to post while being harassed by my desk ornament (yes, folks, Boris is back… he had the sneezes and needed another round of antibiotics so, well, umm…) Been reading a new Billy Collins (The Trouble With Poetry … Continue reading

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