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GM day – hello US GM beet ban – goodbye organic corn?

Excellent news this morning about sugar beets south of the border: a federal court ruling that the US government illegally approved genetically modified sugar beets, on the grounds that they cross-pollinate easily, making it impossible for those who wish to … Continue reading


Haliburton Work Party and Feast of Fields

Saturday’s work party at Haliburton went surprisingly well: although rain had been forecast, it happily and courteously fell overnight, leaving a fresh-washed farm shining in the sun for a team of workers that included a group of school kids. Our … Continue reading

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Howdja like them apples?

I went on another apple pick for the Fruit Tree Project the other day, or tried to. When we got there the owner explained that a fellow who’d picked his apples last year to make wine had turned up again … Continue reading

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Shades of Facebook

There’s been some flap about how Facebook makes rather too free with the photos and personal information posted by its subscribers – using people’s personal photos for advertising without asking and so on. No sooner do we sort out that … Continue reading


Tomatoes and things

As the canning season progresses, it might be useful to refer to the Table of Condiments for guidance. I’m not sure how accurate it is, but it’s entertaining! The Slow Food Vancouver Island & Gulf Islands convivium has been eventless … Continue reading

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