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Is it or isn’t it? Organic food gets studied. And studied.

There has been a lot of buzz around the UK’s Food Standards Agency-sponsored study – actually not a field study but a literature review – released in July, which claimed that organic food was no better, nutritionally, than conventionally-grown. As … Continue reading


Time on the vine

It’s totally tomato season. I managed to can my first jars of diced tomatoes, which will liberate me from the tyranny of grocery store cans for a while. I have a bowl of ready-to-sauce beauties on my counter, some suffering … Continue reading

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Worm parties, farmers’ markets and squash soup

A frantic round of this and that last week. The event I was very much looking forward to, the Compost Education Centre‘s autumn worm party, was delightful. Half a dozen or so of us stood in some bonus sunshine for … Continue reading

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Some thoughts about edible oils

I keep remembering Ruth Reichl’s closing words when she spoke at the Food & Morality-themed Oxford Symposium a couple of years ago: how where food is concerned, most of us want to do the right thing, if only we could … Continue reading

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Sweet summer reruns

I’ve been enjoying the summer repeats on CBC radio, and particularly the radio documentaries on Crossing Boundaries. One excellent program I heard – that might possibly get me to change my will – was A Life of Ashes, from Radio … Continue reading

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