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Sustainable resolution

Looking for a new year’s resolution? How about aiming for sustainable consumption? A handy guide to sustainable food has been published on Sustain‘s website. It’s a term that gets bandied around a lot, so it’s good to have a working … Continue reading

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Hampers, hampered, hampering

Did my Christmas bit last Wednesday – enjoyed an afternoon hanging out in beautiful big Earle Clarke House with Joyce and Peter, who every year host a gathering of 70-100 elves who come and go throughout the day bringing food … Continue reading

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Scotland it ain’t

The company which provides my email has also decided to change my surname. So maybe you can understand why I dislike being in North America in general, and why I have a special hate on for the Beach Boys? It … Continue reading


Scotland, a scary place

Even the horses wear tartan. And you must always, always, watch where you step. And the plants are so large they get their own right of way. And the Scots are so hardy they take their baths outside. Well. Beyond … Continue reading

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Live from Scotland, where Rhona is Rhona and never has a D in it

In a scene which I am sure is distressingly familiar to Vista users everywhere I have sat in a Wifi cafe for the past 25 minutes watching my laptop’s battery life plummet even as the Network and Sharing Center’s evil … Continue reading