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Farm: shop

Last weekend I visited a shop that had been turned into a farm… in the middle of London! The Farm:shop, on Dalston Lane, is a treasure and a model of imaginative thinking. Its creators, Paul, Andy and Sam, responded to … Continue reading


Climate Change Accountability Act

Shame on Stephen Harper, yet again. Here’s a message from David Suzuki: Keep Senate from subverting democracy Stephen Harper has done what he promised never to do: allow the Senate to go against the will of the majority of Members … Continue reading

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Bake-athon marathon

Oh it *is* lovely to be in a country that actually has trains, it really is. But when said trains are 90 minutes late due to signalling failures which mean the train you’re on has to back up and re-route … Continue reading


Jazz et cuisine

The one concert I went to in the London Jazz Festival was a pretty obvious choice: Jazz et Cuisine promised a “tasty fusion of food and music.” What we got was a treat for the ears and nose: British musician … Continue reading

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Skating around sustainable seafood

We have good fish in BC – as long as you limit your desires pretty much to salmon, halibut, salmon, oysters, salmon, spot prawns and clams. But Britain is, I think, a fish-lover’s paradise, for variety and freshness. Well, Suffolk … Continue reading

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