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Say cheese

GK Chesterton did, at length, and spawned a memorable quote: Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese. And then there’s Clifton Fadiman, who observed: A cheese may disappoint. It may be dull, it may be naive, it … Continue reading

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Some reading and looking

The Soil Association‘s recent report that showed crop yields for GM crops are actually no better and often worse than non-GM has coincided with a similar study published in the US, but so far neither report appears to have been … Continue reading

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Televisualess, with eggplant

I have been living for a couple of years now without television, which has been freeing; it has, as I’d hoped, freed up more time for reading, cooking and walking. I still watch stuff on tv-like screens, but now I … Continue reading

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Snow, sun and BC books & magazines

We had a shock snowfall on Saturday but were back to normal (aside from snow on them thar hills) the very next day and now it is just onward chilly spring. I went to a reading on Sunday by four … Continue reading

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Monsanto movietime

Came across this documentary (The World According to Monsanto) which appeared on Arte in France on March 11 of this year. Worth a look if you had any curiosity about what Roundup is, who runs Monsanto, how the company influences … Continue reading

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