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Thorns in the cheese and elsewhere

Piazza Garibaldi, Colorno Interesting fact learned the other day: the tool used to break the curd during the making of a parmigiano-reggiano cheese is called a spino, meaning thorn-bush, after the hawthorne bushes traditionally used in the process. We are … Continue reading

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Cheese technology, dragon sausages and rocket soup

Hmm… what’s wrong with this picture… Enjoying the walk back to class. Postprandial view: fountain at the Reggia di Colorno. Week two has started at the University of Gastronomic Sciences, and we’re deep into microbiology and the technology of cheese. … Continue reading

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Random walking and eating

A day of major excitement yesterday as we hopped the bus to Euro Torri to pick up some essentials at Media World and Brico and then wandered under the road to Ipercoop. Such wonders I have seen, and indeed carried … Continue reading

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Classes in Colorno

Just another street in Parma. Busy busy. We started classes on Wednesday. A morning of introductions where we met the faculty and staff of the university, counted our nationalities (11) and listened to 25 highly condensed life stories The teaching … Continue reading


Tartufo in Savigno

Ooh.. so glad I wasn’t driving.. where to start with this one? Hitting the ground running, so to speak, I was invited to visit a visiting friend in Bologna, whose hostess – doing some research for her property business – … Continue reading

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