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Asian monster menu, and photos of Italy

We spent yesterday in Colorno, trying to eat our way through Asia. Amy, representing Hong Kong, gathered her pan-Asian army of chefs – Andy from Taiwan, Donghyun from Korea, Louisa from Australia – and together they fed us well, very … Continue reading


Cheese, more cheese

Travelling on Ryanair is … an experience. One of its peculiarities is that passengers are charged many hidden fees: for use of a credit card to make the booking, and for checking a bag, for example, and they give not … Continue reading

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Fungus not chocolate

White (Tuber magnatum) and black (Tuber melanosporum) truffles. Truffles. Tartufi. What are they? Chocolates? Tubers, like their names? Mushrooms? An acquired taste? Why so expensive? A million questions, many appetites, much interest. And so it transpired two Saturdays ago that … Continue reading


London interlude

Just back from a week in London – a busy frantic expensive delightful week, and a week without email or internet. A novelty, but I’m glad to be back at the keyboard. I have a piece to post about the … Continue reading

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Where the milk comes from

So today’s trip was to the dairy farm:we got in the busto go to the farmto meet the manwho owns the cowswho give the milkthat makes the cheese… But before the farm, there was the Christmas market, and a stall … Continue reading