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Rocksalting in Vancouver and Blue Orcharding in Victoria

Had a nice weekend in Vancouver, starting with a place in the Rocksalt reading which was part of the Main Street Literary Tour, in celebration of BC Book & Magazine week. We hung out in the Cafe Montmartre, being hosted … Continue reading

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Food politics and a spring bee check

The rally at the legislature on Saturday was warmly attended by groups including COG: The cavalry rode round and round the grounds: There was a pleasing diversity of age and slogan: with some rabble-rousing by Brent Warner NDP candidate Lana … Continue reading

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Real Canadian ploddledygook

It’s certainly not food and not quite poetry, but there is a useful new word in the English vocabulary: ploddledygook. It may look unpronounceable but it is certainly recognisable to anyone who’s heard a police officer of any stripe or … Continue reading

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Agriculture rally, the FLR, hoop houses and food-borne pathogens

This Saturday afternoon, April 18th, at 1.30pm, there’ll be a Farms, Farmers & Food Security rally at the BC legislature, a proper foodie kick-off to the May 12 provincial election. There are many related issues we’d like our politicians to … Continue reading

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Worm bins, writers and online learning

A weekend ago I attended a composting course at the Compost Education Centre where we looked at several different ways of composting: 3 bin methods; backyard composters – both horizontal tumblers and vertical Earth Machines -; and digesters that can … Continue reading

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