Rocksalting in Vancouver and Blue Orcharding in Victoria

Had a nice weekend in Vancouver, starting with a place in the Rocksalt reading which was part of the Main Street Literary Tour, in celebration of BC Book & Magazine week. We hung out in the Cafe Montmartre,

being hosted by Trevor Carolan

till Mona Fertig got there from another event she was doing in West Vancouver.

Had a little beer tasting on Saturday. My trio was porter, raspberry wheat beer and Rickard’s White wheat beer (my favourite)

Sunday’s treat was a walk through North Vancouver. Here’s how the allotment gardens look:

One question. Why?

Str(eat) art, Vancouver style.

How they tell it in Deep Cove:

Back home, and this lovely afternoon I took stock of the Blue Orchard (Mason) Bee (Osmia lignaria) house I’d put up on Thursday:

— a couple of dwellings already dwelt in, with lots of action in others. Holy pollen, mama’s home!

Hanging out on the fence.

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