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Coconut cake

I found a very good recipe to use up some coconut I found in the back of my cupboard – relic of a failed macaroon initiative I suspect. It seems a pretty perfect cake to me: everything can be mixed … Continue reading

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Rubicon at the Black Stilt

Tonight’s reading at the Black Stilt was a launch by Anglo-Canadian chapbook press Rubicon, promoting Tempus, an anthology/chapbook on the theme of summer, and other works. The night was prefaced by the musical stylings of the David Kosub Trio and … Continue reading

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Time, lack of

I was signed up and looking forward to the Poetry in Transit party at the Vancouver Writers Festival this Friday, but have had to cancel my part in that event. Organizers were planning a gala event with about 30 participants, … Continue reading

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Raspberries and Bakewell Tarts

Haven’t had much time for poetry lately, but a poet still needs to eat, and I’m still trying to empty my cupboards and freezer of perishables. I had a little lost jar of ground almonds begging to be used, and … Continue reading

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Pumpkin season

For pottage and puddings and custards and pies,Our pumpkins and parsnips are common supplies,We have pumpkins at morning and pumpkins at noon,If it were not for pumpkins we should be undoon. –Pilgrim verse, circa 1630 Please please please don’t waste … Continue reading

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