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Tea & coffee with a spot of consciousness-raising

A couple of events involving warm beverages coming up in Victoria – ideally timed for these chilly spring days. On the coffee front, The Black Stilt and Oughtred Coffee are fundraising for the families and children of coffee farmers that … Continue reading

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Life among the Nubians

I enjoy my membership in COG-Vancouver Island, which has information sessions over the winter followed by local farm tours. Last week’s farm tour gave us a chance to see Blackberry Spring Farm in Saanich, which has two greenhouses. Barb grows … Continue reading

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Edible words

I have not talked about poetry for a while. Food has seemingly taken over; but food poetry and writing are holding their own too. Here’s a little update of my food writing news: Food poems are being published in a … Continue reading


Let me eat cake

It’s a breezy day in Victoria and damp enough to keep me away from the lawnmower again this morning. Soon, all will be jungle. I spent last weekend baking cakes instead of mowing my lawn. Here’s what I learned: Angel … Continue reading

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Spring greens, crackling and tuna

Now that I’m harvesting just about a meal’s worth of greens every day, at least those I can wrest from the appetites of the resident slugs, I am starting to think about what to do with them. It’s mostly rocket/arugula/rucola, … Continue reading