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Making food better

An interesting piece on absorption of nutrients from food on NPR this morning. Among the things they discussed: you need oil to absorb nutrients from foods. Not necessarily a lot, but some. (So, out with that horrible no-fat dressing!)(You also … Continue reading

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Home again

If you found Home, the movie difficult to view on Vidoosh, you might like to know it’s miraculously reappeared on Youtube. Check it out if you haven’t already. 2,189,173 viewers are with you so far.

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Madrona Farm deadline approaching

Madrona Farm, an organic family-owned farm in Saanich, is looking for money in all shapes and sizes to meet its second cash instalment at the end of July. The farm was owned by the family but not all of them … Continue reading

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Home, the movie

Home is the movie everyone’s been watching, from our eyes in the skies, photographer-environmentalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand. If you didn’t catch it during its curiously short-lived appearance on Youtube, try this version from an Iranian video site. Essential viewing… More about … Continue reading

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Cuts to the arts in la-la-land

BC is a surreal place. Our food issues are handled by the ministry of healthy living and sport; our cultural interests are smothered by the skirts of tourism. This probably makes it easier to dismember funding, since the arts are … Continue reading

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