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Such a deal

If you didn’t catch this article in the weekend Globe & Mail, by Leah McLaren, about Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture, a fascinating new book by U.S. writer and analyst Ellen Ruppel Shell, who examines the ramifications of … Continue reading

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More seafood

The New York Times offers another of the seemingly endless guides to sustainable seafood which are starting to make me very uncomfortable. For example they recommend eating anchovies on the grounds they’re low on the food chain and reproduce more … Continue reading

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Regrettable food & bluefin tuna

I spent a gentle morning, not so long ago, reading through the comments to an article Meli sent me about the worst recipe ever written (though I agree with the reader who guessed a typo had turned “peas” into “pears” … Continue reading

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Corn smut

I’d heard of corn smut, but never experienced it. Just knew it was bad. Now I find out it is good! In Mexico, it is a revered delicacy called huitlacoche, cuitlacoche, maize mushroom or Ustilago maydis. You can make it … Continue reading

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Lots of music in the hot hot sun

Spent the weekend testing the limits of heat endurance and my sunscreen at the Vancouver Island Music Festival in Courtenay. Steven Page was solo-ing after leaving Barenaked Ladies. Arlo Guthrie played for us on his birthday and was repaid with … Continue reading