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Food prices

I feel like I’m closer to understanding why the cost of food has shot up this year, thanks to the first of a new four part radio series from BBC. Our Food Our Future looks at the reasons behind current … Continue reading

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Zucchini glut? Try making music…

I’ve had this for a while, but the imminence of summer bounty reminds me to share. More about these crazy Austrians on their website, and all I can say is I hope they are composting their instruments at the very … Continue reading

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Berries ‘n Cherries

I think while the fruit’s still with us, we should go on celebrating National Cherry Day in England! Read all about it at CherryBites, or join the CherryAid group on Facebook. Over here, we too love cherries. Some of us … Continue reading

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Bread and dirt

It’s been a pleasant summer here at the Iambic Cafe. I’ve recently been on a bread binge, using the nearly no-knead bread recipe that was featured recently in Cook’s Illustrated – which I always pick up to read on the … Continue reading

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Scared of our food

Listening to the periodic updates on the salmonella in your fast food tomato (or is it the peppers or is it the salsa or what the heck is it anyway) made me run back to Michael Pollan for comforting words. … Continue reading

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