Berries ‘n Cherries

I think while the fruit’s still with us, we should go on celebrating National Cherry Day in England! Read all about it at CherryBites, or join the CherryAid group on Facebook.

Over here, we too love cherries. Some of us might be lucky enough to be in Bruno for some sour cherries ‘n poetry… But if you can’t make that, how about heading to bing country in Kelowna for their festival?

A happy discovery on my walk the other day: it’s native (Rubus ursinus) blackberry season and I found a bowlful’s worth in a secret location.

Smaller, sweeter and much less numerous than the Himalayan blackberries, which have overrun the Island, they pack an aromatic punch and flavour. After gorging on them (well paired with Udder Guy’s vanilla bean ice cream)

I’ve frozen a precious handful to wait for my Yellow Transparent crop to ripen, which won’t be long now. That will be one fine pie.

The Himalayans are still feeding the bees, and won’t be ready till later in August from the looks of things.

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