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Wild bees and alfalfa

We had a chat in the lounge the other night which raised some buzz about wild bees. In BC we have Blue Orchard Mason bees (Osmia lignaria) which emerge before the honeybees (Apis mellifera) and do faultless work in the … Continue reading

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Counting chickens

Last night’s chicken dinner (roast chicken with the skin removed and no gravy?!) brought to mind all kinds of chickeny issues. Like the Victoria Film Fest‘s screening of Mad City Chickens which was most entertaining and made me wish for … Continue reading


Googley do

Several of us sat in on a web conference call this week to learn more about how the Google Book Settlement affects Canadian authors. The call included a review of the powerpoint presentation found here in pdf, on the Access … Continue reading


Food poetry, real dirt and western syrup

Elizabeth sent me this review of a food poetry collection by Deanna Fong, which sounds fantastic.We watched The Real Dirt on Farmer John last night; it was a terrific documentary, though for a while we were weeping into our popcorn … Continue reading

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News from the colony

We’re into the end of the middle of the first week of the writers’ and artists’ colony at St Peter’s and time is flexing its mean muscle as we brace ourselves for the first of two change-over weekends where some … Continue reading

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