Canada Day on the Gorge

I got back to Victoria just in time for Canada Day, last Tuesday, which is a happy time on the Gorge, as they block the road off and throw a big party, starting with a parade

and featuring music

(Morris) dancing

and food, including these popular items from Café Vieux Montreal.

We had earlier seen some besieged diners walking down the road bearing bbq salmon with pea shoot salads, asked at every turn where they’d got them, and this was where. They also served cream puffs with maple syrup, chocolate tarts with strawberries and Montreal smoked meat sandwiches.

But nothing beats the popularity of Mr Tubesteak.

Walking along the pathway, we saw what looked like an alien invasion on some wild roses and asked the plant guy, who told us it was rose canker. But it doesn’t look like any picture I’ve seen of rose canker, so I’m still thinking it’s more likely extraterrestrial.

There’s a vintage car show and a few crafts stalls and eventually everyone wanders off for a Canada Day barbeque. By the time night falls on the Gorge

gangs of youth, red and white and drunk all over,

make their way to the Inner Harbour to see the fireworks.

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