Monday on Signal Hill

We had the best weather ever on Monday and after morning coffee, sensibly ascended the heights of Signal Hill

by taxi and had a wander round. Here’s how the city looked from up there:

We walked down to look at the Queen’s Battery Barracks

and though neither of us could see inside, my camera could.

Nice view of beyond.. looking out to Cape Spear, the easternmost point of North America.

After that, we walked down the hill, and parted ways. I pressed on down the hill to amuse myself at the Craft Council Gallery which had an excellent show on upstairs, and offered unbearable temptation in the shop. And after that, it was a perfect day for admiring colour in St John’s.

Saw some bleeding hearts.

And planned my visit to The Rooms for the following day. After which I could hardly walk because of all those hills, my knees complaining of their lost youth.

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