Boreal poets

Sunday carried on being warm and sunny…

Even the birds get pretty houses on Signal Hill Road

and some more mailboxes.

The party bus was waiting and we all piled aboard

and had a photo op at Portugal Cove

before embarking on our Boreal Poetry tour led by Marlene Creates, who read poems in the places where they were composed

like this rock face

pointing out the wildflowers that inspired one poem.

Feels like another spring dawning for me. Fiddleheads and flowers…

A stream runs through it

we endured the blackflies – out in their fury – for the sake of poetry

and forest

and nautical knots in the rope handrails

And then we had a reading. In the garage, which was not entirely blackfly-free, but quite comfortable and atmospheric. Penn Kemp

Sharon Singer,

Susan McMaster,

Joe Blades, and then

Barbara Nickel

And then it was back on the bus, back to the hotel (where food service stops early) so we wrapped up with some pizza we ordered in at the bar.

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