Modena: more than vinegar

Spent Saturday in Modena; near to Parma and blessed that day with great weather. There was some kind of Ferrari show going on which was a little confusing as I think we came away with a distorted sense of the proportion of Ferraris to centrally located parking spots. We had a nice amble and a nice lunch. Here are some sights…

A couple of the carvings on the duomo.

An old English friend makes an appearance in a food shop in Modena.

Michael Schumacher – shorter and hairier than I thought he’d be. We were constantly reminded that Modena is cartown as well as vinegarville.

An excellent covered market with lots of my favourite things…

In Modena, the dogs are careful and the pumpkins are haunted (is that why the tortelli di zucca taste so good?):

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