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Nuts & Seeds

Already I am falling behind. Weekend before last was a nutty, seedy time, marked by intermittent rainstorms and – for my part – a missing battery from my camera, so the photos are few. On the Saturday morning, some of … Continue reading

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Announcing Ex-ville

Dear readers, I have been a sleeping blogger for these many months, but have awakened just as the leaves fall and the books launch. After a suspenseful summer, I am more than pleased to report that my sixth full-length poetry … Continue reading

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London Books

Still a few more bits and pieces to share from my time in London, back in March, before this month, like the past couple, get away from me. I went to a number of events while in town. One, a … Continue reading

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London Looks

And where there is food, I find poetry. London rich in both. I was lucky enough to catch some readings, some writing and some launching. But first, some touristic ramblings. Once in a while London can offer some stunningly beautiful … Continue reading

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London Cooks

More catch-up posting. London is receding into the recent past at alarming speed, as the present gallops along. Here are a few culinary memories of that still-recent visit. It was not as food -centred as some of my trips, as … Continue reading

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