London Looks

And where there is food, I find poetry. London rich in both. I was lucky enough to catch some readings, some writing and some launching. But first, some touristic ramblings.

Once in a while London can offer some stunningly beautiful weather (in balmy contrast to last March’s snows) which I was able to enjoy almost every day of my visit, including a Sunday afternoon when I visited Camden and wandered past Regents Canal towards Primrose Hill, where everyone and her dog was having a picnic. Camden Market seething and happy and the weather perfect for queuing for gelato at Marine Ice – delighted to see it still there when so much else has changed, but did not get closer in case it wasn’t exactly as I remembered.




And a few bits more: Seven Dials, Covent Garden, by night; the escalator in Holborn tube, and the oddly awesome London Shard.

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