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Slow cider and fast poetry

Got to my first meeting of the Slow Island gang – in fact our Slow Food convivium‘s AGM, held at Sea Cider Farm, where we sipped and sampled our way through the evening, gazing out across the young apple trees … Continue reading

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Over-fed and over here; and Alice Waters’ food values

CBC’s current affairs program, The Current, did a piece this morning on Raj Patel’s book on food security – the access of populations to food – and global food economics this morning. Stuffed and Starved is the first book I’ve … Continue reading


Bread & Tulips

I’d heard about the charming Italian film Bread & Tulips and finally got around to watching it; I am a Bruno Ganz fan from way back so was delighted to see him here playing a depressed Icelandic waiter in Venice…why … Continue reading

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Bonet and no doctor

A week ago, high up on Mt Washington, the view from the kitchen window looked like this: And down here at sea level this weekend, the view was more like this: In other news, I got into a caramel crisis … Continue reading

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Bee here now

So yes, I started a bee-keeping class this week. I don’t have bees, have no immediate plans to get any, but was curious because although I have always eaten honey I didn’t really understand how it was produced. My classmates … Continue reading

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