Victoria Seedy Saturday 2011

Ah, Spring. Victoria’s Seedy Saturday was heaving again this year. I didn’t make it to any of the talks, and was too preoccupied to make thorough visits to all the stands, but once again the interest in seeds – both flower and vegetable – was there in (ahem) spades.

The seed swap was as popular as ever. Bring something to trade, or put a loonie down and take your pick of local seeds:

Gabe and I were there representing the Gorge-Tillicum Urban Farmers (GTUF) on the CR-FAIR table, and were pleased to find so much interest in neighbourhood food security.. and meet a couple of new members too.

Linda Geggie’s “Test Your Seed Smarts” was hugely popular. A few sniffed they didn’t need to see the back of the card to know what the seeds were, but most who stopped found the self-test highly entertaining,

particularly the younger gardeners.

Haliburton Farm was there; and LifeCycles.

Dan Jason with some Salt Spring Seeds.

And many more besides.

Can’t believe it’s over.

Actually, it’s not: many more Seedy Saturdays (and Sundays) still to come across the country.

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