The audible worlds of poetry and dirt, and Growing Out of Hunger

Online marketing… just when you thought your inbox couldn’t take any more – more and more is coming from all directions. And when it’s from the right sources it’s not unwelcome. But it’s still too much. Every new piece of mail nudges another few minutes away from something else I might choose and prefer to do. Increasingly I find the best way to manage my time is to take my laptop and hide in a library where there’s no WiFi.

Even the Poetry Book Society is doing it. And if the emails about the TS Eliot shortlist are not enough, you can go looking for more. Their Online Poetry Readings promises to bring you some excellent poetry.

As I’ve probably said before , I love love love radio. It’s great company for the multitasker. Here are a couple of shows by our own David Suzuki – episodes from his Bottom Line series – about soil. Among others, they feature the hyphenated self-described grass farmer from Virginia, Joel Salatin, who is always entertaining to listen to. Podcasts for Bottom Line Part 3 are Soil: Life in the Dirt followed by Soil: How to Feed the World.

Meanwhile, I’m gearing up to see and hear a live person next week in Vancouver. Urban agriculture giant Will Allen is going to be speaking on the topic Growing Out of Hunger.

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