Slightly snowbound, farming apprenticeships, bee-art and a couple of poems

We’ve gone from this….

to this…

So here’s a Christmas thing to do: click on the BC Hydro card to get them to contribute money to the BC Children’s Hospital fund.

And after that, maybe it’s a good time to look forward to spring. There’s a new (to me) website worth visiting if you are considering changing your life: if you think your future might involve farming, check out the apprenticeship opportunities on SOIL. The qualifications are pretty straightforward: you need to be at least 18 years old and healthy, self motivated and eager to learn; able to give at least eight weeks, preferably over a full growing season.

More on bees (thanks Ruth!): check out this amazing video about Manitoba artist Aganetha Dyck who is collaborating with honeybees to create art from their wax.

Feeling a little sleep-deprived these days, I was checking the Poetry Daily archives and found this poem, another candidate for what surely must be coming: an anthology of bear/sleep poems? And enjoyed reading Peter Daniels‘ poem Shoreditch Orchid, double-prize winner in the Arvon competition.

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