Save the pumpkins

Oh some people never change their spots. My most visible spots right now are in a living necklace round my throat: a string of fading mosquito bites which were my farewell kisses from Jerusalem’s insect population– who will miss me more than I miss them. And the ones I’m not changing are the ones that make me dither, delay, dally and defer when I’m supposed to be ploughing ahead on my final paper. Therefore it seemed very important to say a couple of things about pumpkins and water before another moment passed.

At this time of year when they’re practically giving pumpkins away, check out some ways to use them for food. I came across a recipe for roasted pumpkin and tamarind soup today too, which sounds mighty good. Lucky for me and my paper I am in an uncertain location for procuring tamarind, although it is doubtless available at the Hello Food Store, Parma’s source for just about any unusual food item, particularly Asian or African ones. And wigs, lots of wigs… one of those retail pairing concepts I just don’t want to know too much about, frankly.

And finally, in the season of damp, thoughts turn naturally to water. Though where I am maybe I wish there was a little less of it in the air, other places of course long for more. But whatever the weather, we need to keep access to water free for all. Here’s a modestly narcissistic thing to do about that. World Development Movement is creating a poster in support of better access to water, and UK citizens can add your smiley faces to the cause and yourselves to an electronic petition at the same time. Or maybe you’re starting your Christmas shopping: in which case, you could visit the WaterAid shop and buy someone an unusually thoughtful gift.

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