Paris in the sunshine

It’s been a beautiful day in France. Started off well in London but the clouds had gathered by the time my enormous bags and I got to Waterloo (thank you again Andrew) to board the Eurostar. An uneventful and comfortable journey, with a helpful taxi driver at the Paris end; we confessed our mutual inabilities in one another’s languages and faltered through a little small talk (mostly about the beauty of the Italian language) while he followed his GPS directions to (l’Hotel St-Louis Bastille (thanks Sue: great tip – very nice hotel!).

The weather was so gorgeous I hopped on the Metro and went for an afternoon wander: caught Notre Dame streaming with the last of today’s sunlight,

the Seine looking lovely – the trees still leafy,

the plant and flower stalls selling beautiful things,

and the Galeries Lafayette lit up like a temple carpet.

A nice plate of salad in their 6th floor cafeteria and home I hurtled on the Metro – even travelling at rush hour it felt positively commodious after London and the crush of the tube. Resting my feet and self in preparation for my one day of sightseeing tomorrrow.

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