March work party at Haliburton

Things are well at Haliburton Farm where I joined the Saturday work party. Seedlings are thriving and will soon be on sale or in the ground.

Having learned, I suspect, the lessons of the fall of Sumerian civilisation (brought about by soil salination caused by poor drainage in an area of rapid evaporation) the farmers are putting lots of drainage in the fields this year.

Gord Hutchings was there for a few hours, offering a native pollinator workshop, and installed a mason bee barn on the property to provide housing for lots of orchard mason bees.

Meanwhile we went in search of invasive species to pull

and found lots of Daphne (spurge) laurel, the scourge of Victoria (alongside the scourges of Himalayan blackberry, broom, English ivy, morning glory/bindweed, holly, garlic mustard, and… a few others).

Discovered that the black sheep standing hopefully at the other side of the fence had a taste for ivy and blackberry leaves (not Daphne which is toxic) and took care of some of that for us. Patches kept watch, as a watchdog should:

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