Malaspina and banana bread

It seems the Curse of Blogger is upon me once more: I’ve spent three days trying to post a few more snaps from Feast of Fields but Blogger leads me down the garden path and then just refuses to let it happen. And then I got to the end of today’s snappy, entertaining and endlessly erudite posting and Blogger quit on me again. Grrr. So I try once more, from memory.

I read last night at Malaspina College where I was delighted to see a number of my former classmates from Kate Braid’s form in poetry course in the audience. One of them, Gabriola Island’s own Audrey Keating, did a terrific opening reading, or more accurately recitation. Brave and well delivered.

I was also delighted to receive as part payment for my reading, a hand crafted banana bread from the organiser, the lovely and talented ev nittel. It was wrapped in brown paper and warm from the oven. It was crunchy on top and springy in the middle, laced with chocolate, pebbled with walnuts and scattered with caramelised and chocolate coated almonds. To die for. Or at least to drive to Nanaimo and give a reading for! I will see if I can pry the recipe from her, but I fear she simply has a flair for baking that might not be possible for most of us to duplicate.

In keeping with my latest time-wasting activity (and you need lots of these when you’re getting ready to go away for a year!), namely keeping track of which poems I read where, here’s the evening’s playlist:

White Dresses (from Hour of the Pearl, read in honour of the surprise appearance of my long ago pal and fellow boarding school survivor Pamela!)
Leaving the Refuge (from new manuscript)
Suitcase (from Cartography)
The Thirteenth Fairy Bites Back
The Rhonda Poem, or the Madness of D
Vegetable Kingdom (one for the vegetarians, written at Wired a couple of years back)
Ghost in the Machine (new manuscript)
Hard Cold Realty
London Plane
Ache and Pain
Boston School of Cooking Cookbook (Old Habits / Crosswords)
Another Life to Live at the Edge of the Young and Restless Days of Our Lives (Creating the Country / Crosswords)

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