Going, Going…. Here!! Leah’s Lovely Launch

Wednesday night was a long-awaited moment for the amazing Leah Fritz and her many friends and fans, when she launched her first collection for 8 years. Going, Going saw its debut in the company of loyal followers at the Barbican‘s very smart library

(we are a public library so come and use it! said librarian John Lake during his introduction). Fighting my way past the paparazzi,

…I enjoyed a glass of wine and a few crisps with a passel of poets (including at least one with a forthcoming collection!) before taking my place in a comfortably full reading space.

The publisher was there selling copies of this beautiful hardcover,

and after a reading by Allan Brownjohn and one by Leah herself,

there were books to be signed and wine to be drunk. As for me, I had an early morning date with destiny, or at least a mini-cab, so I slunk off right away so I could catch my 39 winks.

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