Cold and hot

It has been a bit warmer, if that is the word, but even my hardy Edmonton companions found a few minutes of yesterday’s walk a journey through the most biting cold imaginable. The day before, we’d had an invigorating march out to the barn to see the animals… barely warmer than outside, said my frozen fingers. Maybe better pics another day, but here’s how it looked: mums and babes, and away in the distant background a cackle of chickens and a dabble of doves – who are being trained for work at weddings and funerals apparently.

Last night’s entertainment was a reading by visiting poetic dignitaries Bert Almon

and Olga Costopoulos who warmed us all up by reading from their latest collections.

And finally, a happy electronic acquaintance: my Crete entries from last April have connected me with an expat cook on Crete, who has a blog of her own featuring some very promising looking recipes.

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