Devonshire to Denmark

I find myself in Copenhagen this evening, where it is calm and mild, although we are promised winds and rain for the morrow.

And it is a new year! I once heard it said that what you do on New Year’s Eve you will do all through the year, and so I thought to hedge my bets I’d return to the Devonshire Arms and eat a lovely meal in hopes this will set a suitable tone.

We commenced with potted Suffolk ham hock and very fine toasted sourdough, accompanied by a few darling cornichons and pickled onions, and a pear and Cheshire blue cheese salad sprinkled with toasted pine nuts. We moved smoothly on to a melting featherblade of beef with herbed dumplings. kale mash and tiny roast onions. Thus fortified we were able to take a calm, clear look at the desserts which all sounded spectacular. One of the finest was a hot chocolate pudding with salt caramel ice cream. Just to make sure the chef had chosen the right ice cream to go with this (he had, oh yes he had) we checked out the chocolate and ginger flavours as well, bathing them in warm chocolate sauce for good measure. If this is to be my fate in 2012, bring it on.

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