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Save seeds, save the world

Last night’s talk by Vandana Shiva left a sold out auditorium at the University of Victoria humming with righteous energy. She reported with eloquent passion on the state of food in the world today, leading with the unfortunate news of … Continue reading

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Sweet beginnings

Obesity and its brethren (diabetes, cancer, GERD etc.) are the latest uninvited guests at the 21st century table. And what they’re eating is sugar. Or is that all they’re eating? I do think we overdo it with sugar of all … Continue reading

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Food so clean & local

It’s been a couple of weeks of book promotion and food events… I keep waiting for things to slow down but they keep speeding up instead, so I will try to catch up a little. Last week began well, with … Continue reading

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Genetically-modified October

There has been a fair amount of GMO action, good and bad, this month. On October 10, the Healthy Saanich Advisory Committee bravely invited public input into their deliberations on the question of whether to allow Genetically-Modified (GM) seed crops … Continue reading

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Stuffed & stirred

Raj Patel made a welcome visit to Victoria last week, supporting the Horticultural Centre of the Pacific’s efforts to raise funds to rebuild the greenhouse, gardener’s office and tool shed that were destroyed by fire last year. For such a … Continue reading

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