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Definitely not sour grapes

I was by coincidence invited along to the last ever Grapevine event last Thursday. The Grapevine was started five years ago by a group of entrepreneurial women who thought the best thing they could do for small businesses in Victoria … Continue reading

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Easier than pie

The blackberries have been calling me and I have been answering by the bucketful. These are, as I have said before, Himalayan blackberries, and they are the ones everyone thinks of when you say ‘blackberry’. They’re big, fat and in … Continue reading


St David of Suzuki

A second chance this morning to listen to the listenable David Suzuki, whose one hour special The Last Call is, happily, available on podcast. He took a look at our illusions about the immutability of the consumer economy and its … Continue reading

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Water babies and bottles and Berkeys

Water is always an interesting issue. Take bottles of water for example. For ages tap water got a bad press: but it seems like a great many of the stories came from vested interests: sellers of bottled water, water machines … Continue reading


Copyright, pesticides, mercury, sunscreen and rocket fuel

A mixed bag today. One important item for writers is the Canadian government’s Copyright Consultations: the public is invited to participate in guiding the government’s moves to reform copyright legislation. If you are a writer and would like to be … Continue reading

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