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Music ‘n poetry

Just received my brochure for the Wired Writing Studio which starts with the Banff Centre residency October 2-14, 2006. A wonderful thing is Wired. Robert Hilles and Marilyn Dumont will be excellent poetry resources. Fred Stenson runs a comradely ship, … Continue reading


Sonnets a-gogo

Double-barrelled week for me, this. I missed last week’s class on sonnets and am plunging in to the one on oulipo. Thought I’d catch up on last week by reading the always readable Don Paterson‘s introduction to his anthology, 101 … Continue reading

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Collisions with poems

Here’s another quote from the Don’t Ask Me What I Mean anthology: “The poet only speaks one way. He hears nothing back. His words as he utters them are not conditioned by a real ear replying from the other side… … Continue reading


Pick-up sticks & nationalism in poetry

Phew, so much everything to get back to after Austin. My millions of things to do are scattered twig-like all over the floor of my life. Much thinking involved, very tiring. One meantime item is news from my UK correspondent … Continue reading


The end of my Austin

Well it was a delicious last day in Austin. We braved temps in the high twenties (while it was snowing in Victoria??) to get to the conference centre for the last day of AWP panels. I slipped into the book … Continue reading

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