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Words and water

Just looking ahead to a weekend’s literary merrymaking in Campbell River. The Words on the Water writers festival, being held in the Maritime Heritage Centre, starts on Friday. Even with a disabled website (some tragically ill-timed mishap involving corporate changes … Continue reading


Leonard on form

At the beginning of February, CBC presenter Shelagh Rogers – the best voice in the west? – interviewed our national icon Leonard Cohen about his induction into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame. She talked to him about poetry as … Continue reading


Some live to travel, others travel to cook

When I was in Santa Fe last September, I took a few classes at the Santa Fe School of Cooking to get me oriented to my new surroundings. Mostly demonstration classes, except for a hands-on session on roasting chiles and … Continue reading


Cauliflower and cumin

Two of my favourite things. Is cauliflower brain food because it looks like brains? And can one have too much cumin in one’s life? So I was delighted to come across a quick and easy recipe for Cauliflower Soup with … Continue reading


Good spreads

I used to use Epicurious a lot, until they started littering their site with pop-up ads, including the kind that crawl up your screen till you click them away. But I recently revisited them and either my pop-up blocker works … Continue reading

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