Words and water

Just looking ahead to a weekend’s literary merrymaking in Campbell River. The Words on the Water writers festival, being held in the Maritime Heritage Centre, starts on Friday. Even with a disabled website (some tragically ill-timed mishap involving corporate changes in their service provider ownership, coupled with who knows what associated administrative problems) they’ve managed to sell out their weekend passes and their Friday and Saturday night events.

We’re hoping to get to the Saturday daytime sessions at least, which will feature Evelyn Lau, Jan Zwicky, Claudia Casper, Robert Bringhurst, David Carpenter, Annabel Lyon, Gregory Scofield and Patrick Lane.

Because we can’t get into evening readings, I reckon we’ll be forced out onto the cold wet streets in search of alimentary culture instead. One pilgrimage I am never too sorry to make when I’m in Courtenay is to Tita’s, which I bet is the best Mexican food on Vancouver Island, or I’ll eat my sombrero.

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