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Playing catch-up

Time has got away from me, but here are a few highlights of my doings since November. Christmas came and went – abbreviated by pandemic restrictions, but enlivened by snow, which after a couple of days of heavy shovelling became … Continue reading

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Eat there then

I’m a week behind in my entries, so here goes the catch-up. Last Sunday’s Eat Here Now festival looked to me to have been enormously popular, with lots of food being eaten and bought and talked about in Market Square. … Continue reading

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After seeing Forks Over Knives, I tracked down an audio copy of The China Study, which was excellent listening material while I peeled and juiced a zillion apples earlier this month. And then I had occasion to watch the film … Continue reading

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Vegan is as vegan does

How things change. A few years ago – 2006? – celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain visited Victoria to promote his latest book, which I believe was A Cook’s Tour. A strong showing of kitchen folk swelled the audience and there was … Continue reading

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