Soho Square, June 2006

What it looked like on a sunny lunchtime in early June. (And what it looks like the rest of the time.)

Nineteenth try lucky — finally it posted! Why?? Why?? I don’t understand. As you see I tried everything. I guess Blogger just gets cranky with image files every so often and calls a halt.

My previous unedited posting read as follows: I have had to admit defeat: photo posting on Blogger no longer works for me, so I’m having to go through Flickr (which worked after several tries). On Blogger, I’ve tried everything I can think of – tweaking internet options, clearing cookies and temporary internet files, rebooting, uploading from files and urls, adding the url in the Edit Html box. Nothing works. Searched the help files and googled the problem. We must put it down to bad blogger photo karma. Any other suggestions for cures would be more than welcome.

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