Semlas, trading cards, Madhur and fortified coffee

Some things that came across my in-box this week.

Following Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day / Mardi Gras / Martedi Grasso, Merna sent me some news about Fat Tuesday in Sweden. She’d found an article about a treat I haven’t tried: semlas, and a cautionary tale about the dangers of eating too many desserts…

I was also intrigued by the idea of Artists Trading Cards. I don’t think I ever traded or collected cards in my youth – maybe it was a guy thing: they were mostly sports cards, weren’t they? So it’s apt there should be a sub-set of this genre just for women. Probably easier for artists than poets, unless you are cruel enough to shrink your type to size, or on the other hand maybe ideal for haiku writers.

Ruth sent along a review of Madhur Jaffrey’s new autobiography which sounds delicious. I am among the many who have enjoyed her recipes as I experimented with Indian food; she must be the only food writer with equal weight as an actress (or is it vice versa?) I liked the disclosure in the review that her mother taught her to cook by mail: I reckon there is a whole new generation now learning to cook by email or internet.

I am not quite sure what to make of fortified coffee though. Is there no indulgence that can’t be tampered with to make it seem more wholesome?

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