Letters to write before Wednesday

Hope all who wish and should and can have written to their MPs to invite their support for the vote on Bill C-474, the Seeds Regulation Act, coming up this Wednesday, April 14.

As you may know, there’s another urgent bill on the Hill: this Wednesday will also see a vote on the Climate Change Accountability Act (Bill C-311).

This one is based on a report called The Case for Deep Reductions by the Pembina Institute, the David Suzuki Foundation, and the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, which offers an overview of the case for reductions, analysis of objections, and a reminder that we already said we’d make cuts (anyone remember Kyoto?).

Let’s please get together and remind Mr Harper and all the boys and girls who represent us in Parliament that it is we the people – and not the oil industry – who have the right to choose what our world’s future should look like.

Climate change will indisputably mean a damaged food supply for all of us. As a nation we must embrace our share of the changes we need to make now to keep ourselves, our children and grandchildren fed. Frankly, we’re not getting leadership on that from our elected representatives.

Do send the letters that have been prepared for you to support C-474 and C-311: you can edit them if you want; if you don’t, it will only take you seconds to share your views with the people who can act on them.

And now a message from the David Suzuki Foundation:

Act NOW!

The final vote on the Climate Change Accountability Act (Bill C-311) happens Wednesday afternoon. A ‘yes’ vote means the bill passes in the House of Commons. Let the party leaders and environment ministers and critics know you want Canada to be a leader on solutions to global warming.

Bill C-311 would set science-based targets for reducing global warming pollution and start to establish Canada as a leader by accelerating renewable energy and mobilizing green transportation solutions.

The federal government has resisted passing the bill but it is a minority government. The opposition parties have voted for it every time. If they are again supportive, the bill will pass.

Just click here to send an e-mail message telling the Liberal and Conservative party leaders and environment minister/critic to do the right thing on Wednesday, April 14, and vote for C-311.

The time is short. Please send your message now.

The David Suzuki Foundation Team

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