Home on the farm, with apples and blackberries

I’ve been enjoying my afternoons on the farm stand. People drift in and browse the offerings. Mostly they buy something. Sometimes they ask questions: do we sell pea shoots? How do you cook fava beans? What do you do with collard greens? Sometimes I can’t contain myself and show them obscure and beautiful vegetables, and sometimes they buy those too, as they are a curious and interested segment of the population. I’ve been bringing in cookbooks – especially the wonderful Jane Grigson‘s entertainingly written Vegetable Book and the exemplary Farmer John’s Real Dirt on Vegetables.

Here are some of last week’s farm stand offerings. Chioggia beets are the ones with the exquisitely pretty striped interiors. There’s a dazzing variety of cherry tomatoes, and several kinds of pattypan squash (also called custard marrow) – yellow, pale green (=white) and green.

Chioggia BeetsCherry Tomatoes Green Pattypan






Tis the season for seed saving and some of that is going on as well. Some of the garlic harvest will be saved for seed. And the plants that have gone to seed are often dried las shown on tarps to keep them from self-seeding in the beds. Once they’ve dried out, the heads will be removed and the seeds culled and sorted.

Garlic Drying August 2011Seed Saving August 2011Dried Dill August 2011




There’s a fair amount to do in the fields, so the farmers and work parties are keeping busy.

Farmer Mike Working August 2011Farmer Nate Working August 2011Work Party August 2011






As am I with my apple tree which is laden. Here it is before and after picking a first basket of apples (est. 30 lbs).




Will be juicing some with blackberries, if we ever get enough hot sunshine to sweeten the berries that are tempting us from ditches and hillsides.

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