Greenwashing fast food

Evolving news in the fast food world, including some linguistic bullet-dodging:

  • The Fast food industry now calls itself the Quickservice or Fast Casual industry
  • Low-fat, Low-carb and Low-calorie are being dropped from menus and packaging in favour of Wholesome, Healthy, Fresh, Natural, Local or Premium (I’d guess all these terms are essentially meaningless so can be used interchangeably)

Vegetarians aren’t economically valuable enough to get a place in line so the industry is not including meatless options across the board. But in Canada, maybe we have enough ethnic diners to make some dents..

This news from Washington DC suggests that consumer demand for low pizza prices is being met – at the expense of cooks’ wages. But they’ll need to drop further before unions will be able to find their way into the industry, which tends to draw its staff from a young and poorly educated labour pool.

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